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Primary Care Progress


More Leaders, Better Care

Primary Care Progress is a national organization focused on providing leadership development and community building for primary care professionals. Their ultimate goal is to elevate healthcare for everyone through training and supporting this core healthcare team.

PCP hired Beekeeper Group (where I worked at the time) to do a redesign of their site, The scope of their organization had changed quite a bit, and they wanted their new website to reflect this.

Homepage for Primary Care Progress


Research & Takeaways

The Beekeeper team traveled to Boston to interview key stakeholders and learn more about their needs.

The organization had started as a support system for medical students, with a focus on campus groups. Over time, their offerings have expanded to include leadership trainings and unique programs for students and medical professionals in the primary care space. Their site needed to represent the breadth of their work and be flexible enough to grow with them.

They also have an amazing and passionate team available for support, and they wanted these team members (and their contact info) featured prominently.

Phone showing prominent contact information

Site Goal

To convince primary care professionals to get involved in PCP’s leadership trainings, programs, and consulting services, because developing on-the-ground leaders will lead to positive advancements in the primary care system, & better health for all.


Target Audiences

Based on our interviews, we identified 4 main audience groups:

Primary Care Progress Network—Student chapter members, national training teams (active alumni), brand ambassadors. CONTENT: Student offerings, including programs, campus chapters, and events.

Healthcare Business Leaders—Administrators of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 
CONTENT: Customized trainings around the 4 pillars of Relational Leadership, which can help solve key business challenges.

Healthcare Professionals—Experts in the field, media, policymakers, physicians, pharmacists, other medical professionals. 
CONTENT: Trainings and articles on pressing issues facing primary care and healthcare transformation

Donors—Individual donors, major donors, foundations, alumni. 
CONTENT: Stats & testimonials, plus prominent Donate call-to-action.

Diagram showing the 4 pillars of Relational Leadership: Manage Self, Foster Teamwork, Coach and Mentor, Advocate.

Information Architecture

Reorganizing the Site

From there, we helped PCP rethink the overall organization of the site to address the needs of their audience groups in a cohesive way. We divided the content into 5 main sections:

Who We Are—Basic information about the organization aimed at all audiences. Some of the content, such as testimonials, is particularly important to communicate with donors.

What We Do—Programs, campus chapters, and events for students.

Our Ideas—Introductions to PCP’s key concepts, as well as articles aimed primarily at healthcare professionals.

Our Services—Trainings aimed primarily at healthcare professionals and healthcare business leaders.

Donate—Donation form aimed, of course, at donors.

New sitemap

In a healthcare system fraught with silos and computer screens, we need the human voice—a personal connection—now more than ever. That's the work of PCP.

— Matt Lewis, Ph.D., Strategic Consultant


A Fresh New Look

We expanded upon PCP’s existing branding to create a more sophisticated look and feel. Key design elements include large photos (some with color-coded filters to denote different sections), colorful icons, and plenty of white space to create a relaxed and friendly tone.

Element Board showing colors, type treatments, icons, etc

We created a variety of flexible page templates in WordPress that could continue to be adapted as the needs of the organization evolve. Many of the templates include modular sections to feature (or not feature, as needed) resources, related content, and relevant team member contact information for immediate support.


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